Where do you get your energy?

One of the things that often gives people a-ha moments is learning about how we get our energy. If your life isn’t balanced in a way where you have things that energise you interspersed with the hum drum of what drains you, then the chances are that you’re living in a cycle of burnout, where you feel constantly drained. Does that sound familiar?

Knowing those things in life that give you a boost and make you feel energised feels empowering, as it puts you more in control of your energy levels and how you spend your time. If you find yourself feeling tired, you know what you need to prioritise to top up your energy.

The terms Introvert and Extrovert are often misunderstood, and taken to mean how sociable we are. In fact, they describe how we get our energy. If you are an introvert then you can be very sociable, but often find social situations draining. Not necessarily all social situations drain energy, but re-energising is often something introverts do alone. It might be watching TV, reading a book, going for a walk, having a bath, going for a run, but usually time spent without others.

Extroverts usually re-energise from being with others. It might not matter what they are doing, so long as they are doing it in company. They might find going out for dinner or meeting up for a drink with someone much more energising than a night in alone. TV often isn’t energising for extroverts as they would rather be socialising with real people rather than watching people on a screen. Extroverts can still enjoy alone time, but often gain energy from being around others.

Neither is better than the other. There are definite strengths in both. The activities of recharging don’t matter – we will all thrive on different things because we are all different. The point is becoming aware of those things that top you up when you need it so you can find a better balance in your day and your week so that you aren’t constantly getting run down.

Workplaces and schools are often set up to suit extroverts. There is often very little down time at work. If you find work draining, it could be that you’re an introvert spending too much time in meetings or discussions with others, and not being given enough time to ponder your own thoughts and ideas alone. Or an extrovert who sits at a desk all day feeling too busy to take a break might be exhausted by that environment. Simply spending time making a cuppa during the working day or chatting to a colleague at lunch time could rejuvenate you enough to work more productively and efficiently, and be worth the time away from your work.

Usually life doesn’t need a total overhaul, but just giving yourself permission to notice what works for you is enough. Maybe over the next day or two you could notice what gives and takes your energy. Who energises and drains you – who should you try to spend more and less time with to help balance your energy? Are there activities that you could spend 5 minutes doing interspersed throughout your day that could make a massive difference to how you feel? Where do you get your energy? Give yourself permission to get the energy you need to make life work for you!



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