Joy Trevivian

I provide private counselling to women who struggle with self-esteem and self-worth. Let me help you find your confidence, rediscover who you are and forge fulfilling relationships.

Do you feel anxious a lot, and spend too much of your time and energy worrying what other people think? Do you try to please others and hold yourself to unattainable standards, yet never feel good enough? Do you ever experience panic attacks, feel out of control or overwhelmed?

If you’ve lost sight of who you are, dread people finding out how low you feel, and are exhausted by life – know that it doesn’t have to be like this.

You are not alone. And I can help.

Working towards the root
Every action has a reaction. So the way you’re feeling has a root cause. Most often, I work with daughters of self-absorbed, exacting or negligent mothers. In these cases, part of my work is to help women explore the impact of their maternal relationship.

As we discover the basis of your low self-worth, I’ll help you see that you’re not defective, and that you can find freedom from the ways you’ve tried to please everyone – perhaps starting with your mother.


Online Counselling

When life feels like too much, let me help.

By working with me, you can: 

  • reduce your anxiety and feel calmer
  • gain confidence
  • let go of perfectionism
  • set boundaries and say no without guilt
  • improve relationships and communication
  • be kinder to yourself
  • nurture yourself and meet your needs
  • resolve trauma or past experiences that hold you back
  • make positive life changes

Are you ready to begin your best life?

Life-changing counselling

‘I can’t believe how different I feel to when I started working with Joy 4 months ago, it’s really changed my life. I believe the reason I have got so much out of my time with Joy is because she is so friendly and easy to trust. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her’ – K

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