Improve your relationships.
Feel more secure.

Love Yourself First


Imagine how good it would feel to improve all of your relationships by improving the relationship you have with yourself. You could go from worrying about what others think and how to keep them close to feeling an inner security that doesn’t rely on others.

The relationship you have with yourself is foundational to all of the other relationships in your life.


When we are children we find ways to optimise the relationships we have and to cope with the environment we live in. These patterns, such as being ‘good’, trying to be perfect, pleasing others and working too hard continue into adulthood, even though our environment has changed and our survival no longer relies on others. The very things that once helped us become barriers to us feeling fulfilled as adults. We’ve become disconnected from ourselves to please others which makes relationships challenging.

It means the dynamics of your current relationships are playing out the dynamics of childhood relationships with your parents, and unless you do something about it, then it will continue.

Love yourself first. Learn to give yourself the love and care you so freely give to others.

Once you improve the relationship you have with yourself, you will no longer lose so much energy worrying about what others think of you or striving to keep others close for love and approval.

To get started on doing this important work, I’m offering an introductory webinar in which you can learn:

  • How childhood sets the defaults for relationships
  • How these childhood patterns affect you as an adult
  • What you can do for yourself now to change the patterns
  • How to meet your own needs and give yourself what you’ve always wanted and needed

This webinar will give an introduction into this powerful change work. You’ll take away some actionable ways to improve your relationship with yourself.

It costs just £45. For significantly less than the cost of one counselling session, you will get:

  • a recording of the webinar to watch at your convenience
  • a recording of the guided visualisation (part of the webinar) so you can listen to it whenever you want to.
  • a download of the sample affirming/nurturing phrases used in the webinar, which you can use to effect real change


You’ll receive access to the webinar resources by email.

If you are a Counsellor or professional attending and would like a certificate for Continuing Professional Development then pop me a message and I’ll email you one.
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About Me

Joy is an accredited Counsellor specialising with women who overwork, feel anxious and lack confidence due to a difficult relationship with one or both parents. She helps them to do the inner work to enable them to feel good enough and to live their best lives.

She has over 10 years experience doing 1:1 therapy and is currently working on bringing her experience to online workshops and courses, so people can access therapy tools to improve their self-esteem and reduce anxiety from the comfort of home and to fit around busy lives.

Joy decided to become a Counsellor following her mum’s death, initially intending to work with people who were bereaved. She changed direction after a challenging time in her life. She experienced 5 years of extreme sleep deprivation after having high needs children with health issues. Life was about survival for years, and during this time, Joy learnt many lessons about looking after herself when she had nothing left. She now feels passionate about helping others choose themselves and build a life they don’t need to escape from.

Joy is a mum of three who loves travelling and trying new experiences. She also loves sewing, baking, and eating the baking!

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