Women I’ve helped empower

Instead of telling you what it’s like to work with me, I’d rather let a selection of my lovely clients do it for me.

“Working with Joy has been nothing but a positive experience from start to finish. I went to her needing guidance and support at a really difficult time in my life and I got just that and more. I can’t believe how different I feel to when I started working with Joy 4 months ago, it’s really changed my life. I believe the reason I have got so much out of my time with Joy is because she is so friendly and easy to trust. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking to speak to a counsellor.”

“Working with Joy has been genuinely life-changing. Her kind and supportive nature alongside her proactive thinking and experience meant I always felt I was in a safe space even while dealing with deeply personal feelings and traumatic memories. The experience has not only helped me deal with past traumas but also understand how I can help myself to be more fulfilled going forward. I never imagined I could get to where I am now. I feel I am ‘enough’. ”

“My sessions with Joy have helped me learn so much more about my own voice, which started off very quiet and is now able to ask for what it needs. I’ve learned to be kinder to, and more patient with, the person I am inside. Joy has helped me to feel empowered in so many aspects of my life, particularly in relationships. During our sessions, I’ve also learned what my boundaries are and I now feel like I can assert them in a comfortable, authentic way. The whole time we’ve worked together, I’ve felt supported and encouraged to make decisions that work for me.”

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