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I'm a friendly, qualified, accredited, and insured private counsellor based in North Bristol. I love learning new things, running, yoga, baking, sewing, reading, creating and travelling.

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Why do we choose unhealthy relationships?

Have you ever wondered why you or others keep ending up in the same sorts of unhealthy relationship patterns time and time again? Our adult relationships play out the relationship patterns that we learn in childhood, so until we understand our style of relating to others and how to change it, we’ll keep perpetually living out the same cycles over and over again.

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How to alleviate anxiety

When we feel out of control we try to control the outer world to try to escape from how we are feeling in our inner world. It results in us feeling anxious and overwhelmed because we try harder and harder to avoid what we’re feeling and to control things.


5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

The messages we receive from others, whether explicitly said, or just implied from body language and responsiveness of those around us sets us on a path about how we feel about ourselves. We learn about whether the world revolves around us or whether we are a bit of an inconvenience to others.

Making decisions

Making Decisions

Making decisions can be so hard, because often we have lost touch with our inner knowing. Our ability to trust ourselves. So we rely on others in case we get it wrong and make the wrong decision. We trust their judgement more than we trust our own.

Things to do Every Day to Boost Wellbeing

If you find yourself feeling anxious and overwhelmed, sometimes it’s so hard to know what to do to help yourself. You can feel confused and unsure as to what might even help. These are super simple daily things to do that will boost how you feel.

How Can You Rewind Trauma?

Sometimes life happens. Bad things happen, unexpected things happen, traumatic things happen. Trauma can affect your body, mind and feelings, leaving you feeling like the world isn’t a safe place, and even your body isn’t a safe place. It can impact your sleep, eating habits, work, relationships and all aspects of life. It can feel …

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Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?

Shame says I am bad. I can’t be forgiven. I’m not OK. Shame pushes others away because it believes that if other people knew what you were really like then they wouldn’t want to be around you.

Do you feel loved?

How loved you feel is often a reflection of whether the love you receive is communicated to you in a way that you can receive. The love languages describe how we best recognise and receive love from others.

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